Superior Quality EV Charger Installation

Get Superior Quality EV Charger Installation

You may now get zappi®, the British-made Electric Vehicle (EV) charger. You can use the zappi® EV charger for different uses. It is eco-smart, and it comes with different charging modes so that you can use 100% green energy from the solar panels installed on your building roof.

You can now set timers, use tariffs, activate boost mode, and more using your smartphone!

Charge Your EV and Enjoy Utilising Green Energy

You can now expect a lot of flexibility with different charging modes in the zappi® electric vehicle charger. It comes with three different charging modes; eco, eco+ and fast.

The best part is that you do not need to have solar panels to install a zappi® charger.

The zappi® charger is the most popular EV charger in the UK. It comes with the following features:

● Set Timers

● Remote Access

● No Earth Rod

● Pin Protected

Connect with us today and get the most trusted zappi® charger installed.