Solar Panel Company Busby

Solar Panel Company Busby

Installing solar panels have a variety of advantages, and that is why it is gaining popularity among local homeowners. As per a recent report in 2022, it has been revealed that last year more than one million roofs top solar panels were installed across the country, and this year probable 15% growth is expected. So, each year, the number will increase as more homeowners opt for it. In such a scenario, a lot of families wants to get the benefits of it by installing solar panel in their home. Most of the time, these homeowners are unaware of the installation process, are clueless about whom to ask or where to go, and often choose the wrong brand. So, if you are looking for the best solar panel company Busby then you have landed at the right place as funding for solar is one of the most reputed solar panel installation companies in the UK.

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installer In the UK

Choosing the right solar panel company Busby is quite a hectic job. If you have never installed a solar panel before or have significantly less idea about it, then read on to what factors you must look for while choosing one.

Certification and Membership

The first thing you must look for in a solar panel company Busbyis a valid certification. A solar panel installer like us must have a valid certification that shows that they have passed specific courses and examinations and have good work experience. The best solar panel company Busby must have renewable energy consumer code membership, which enables them to work efficiently by following all the necessary rules & regulations. Also, most of the solar installers in the UK are members of the Solar Trade Association (STA), which is accountable for multiple policies, including installer accreditation.


Any job requires expertise to make it flawless, so installing solar panels requires experience in this field. You must ensure this while selecting the best solar panel company Busby. A solar panel installer must have adequate experience handling and installing rooftop PV panels. Choosing a solar panel company with at least three years of working experience is advisable.

Furthermore, when installing the panels on your roof, it is better to ask them if they have previous experience with similar roofs or if every kind of roof has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Check the Review

Go through the website and their social media pages to see the customer experience and testimonials. Scrutinize the customer reviews and also study the negative remarks to know the issues and how the solar panel company Busby is handling those grievances will help you to understand their aftercare services

Total Cost

The most crucial part is to check the cost of the process before selecting the best solar panel company Busby. It is advisable to compare the quotation with other solar panel installers to know the differences. At Funding for Solar, we provide the best competitive rates among others, so if you are searching for a solar panel installer in Busby do consider us.